L-Theanine is a relaxing amino acid that's found in plants. It helps relieve stress, works as a sedative and can improve your focus. The Sym Nutrition L-Theanine supplement gives you all of these benefits and more. Check out my review below!


Feel Calmer: The key ingredient used in these capsules is L-Theanine, which is proven to promote calmness and relaxation without the need for a sedative. L-Theanine works within 60 minutes to give a sense of calm to help you feel at ease and able to relax better.

Reduce Stress: L-Theanine also works great at reducing stress levels. Stress can be very harmful to your health and lead to feelings of anxiety and an inability to focus. These capsules work by reducing your stress levels so you can think clearer and stay calmer throughout the day.

Works With Coffee: L-Theanine has a unique feature that is great for coffee lovers. This supplement works in synergy to coffee to promote a sense of focus and wakefulness. Many people take coffee to wake up and help them focus but can suffer from feeling jittery as a result. L-Theanine counters this by working with the caffeine to help you stay clear-minded and focused, calm and alert without feeling jittery or strung out.

Improve Sleep: Stress and anxiety can be detrimental to sleep. Not getting enough sleep or getting a disrupted night sleep can negatively affect your mood and cognitive functions. L-Theanine helps you to stay calm and feel relaxed so you can sleep easier. It is a safe and natural solution to insomnia by reducing anxiety to help induce a restful night's sleep.

What You Get

This L-Theanine supplement from SYM Nutrition comes in a large 3.2oz container of 120 200mg capsules. This large quanity offers a four month's supply of supplements for great value for money.

L-Theanine's active ingredient is, of course, L-Theanine with each capsule containing a 200mg serving. Other inactive ingredients included are Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Cellulose and Silica.

I love my big strong cup of coffee in the morning. But, I'm very sensitive to the caffeine. I get jittery and even my sleep was terrible. My husbands snoring was waking me up all night long. I just happen to see this product while browsing other natural supplements and so glad I ordered it! It has been HUGE for me. I sleep like a baby!! And the day time jitters are gone. This stuff is awesome.

Alma Samaniego
Amazon Review

Who is This Supplement Suitable For?

L-Theanine is suitable for people who suffer from mild anxiety or who's mood has been negatively affected by a personal setback or incident. These supplements are not strong enough to work for those with severe anxiety or depression but work great for people who may be under stress at work, going through a personal problem or need help relaxing.

For those suffering from mild insomnia or troubled and restless sleep, this is a good natural option to consider or first step in treatment to help induce sleep through feelings of calm and relaxation. Because it is completely safe to use, it's suitable for anyone who may want to boost their mood and reduce mild stress.


L-Theanine is not an anti-anxiety drug and is not a solution for severe anxiety or depression. The results may be too mild for someone who is really suffering but is great for those with milder anxiety or who are going through a personal problem that's affecting their mood. It's a good alternative to other stronger supplements for people who want to reduce their stress but don't need or want stronger results.

People respond differently to different supplements and medications and so those who aren't particularly responsive to L-Theanine may not see any noticeable improvements. However, SYM Nutrition offers a 100% money back guarantee so if you don't experience feelings of peace of mind within 3 months of taking the supplement, you can get a full refund. So, there's really no reason not to try it.


I really like L-Theanine for helping me to relax and improve my mood. I first discovered it after I lost my job and was feeling really down. Job hunting was making me so stressed that it was starting to affect my sleep and I found it really hard to focus.

A friend swore by L-Theanine after they had helped her following her divorce so I decided to try it out.

I liked how it offered a four month's supply and it seemed good value for money. I started seeing results almost instantly.

SYM Nutrition L-Theanine Supplement

I felt calmer and more relaxed and wasn't getting as stressed out over the same things as before. I couldn't believe it. It's been about six months since I started taking them and I'm in to my second bottle. I got another job and don't need to take one every day now but they're great for days where I know I'll need the extra boost or when my mood is low. They really helped me so I recommend them for anyone who wants to feel calmer and happier in particularly stressful times.

SYM Nutrition L-Theanine Supplement

Review Summary

The SYM Nutrition L-Theanine Supplement helps relieve stress, improves focus and mellows you out. If you're looking for a way to get L-Theanine in your diet, this is one of the best options you're going to find.