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Kava Kava is a natural root that has been proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. Natrol Kava Kava uses it as its primary ingredient. Overall, it's fairly effective but there are better stress supplements out on the market.

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Many people, especially in modern times, have become too busy and burdened with too many activities, tasks, and responsibilities that have become too taxing and demanding. These taxing and demanding tasks and activities have increased and worsen many people’s stress and anxiety levels. Their minds and bodies have become more tense and tired. Fortunately for us, Natrol has created a product called Natrol Kava Kava. Its name is taken from its main ingredient which is Kava Kava, a traditional root that has been used for centuries to bring down a person’s stress and anxiety. Natrol Kava Kava might be our answer to calm, ease, and relax our body and mind for a happier and more enjoyable daily living.

What is Natrol Kava Kava?

Natrol Kava Kava is a product made in the USA that helps you become calmer and more relaxed. It comes in capsules and can be taken 1-2 times a day with a meal. Natrol Kava Kava helpa ease and refresh our mind and body by easing our stress and anxiety levels.

How does Natrol Kava Kava help relax our mind and body?

Natrol Kava Kava contains a traditional root called Kava Kava, which is found in the South Pacific. This popular root has been used for many centuries by people to lower their stress and anxiety levels. Because of this, many who used Kava Kava in sufficient amounts report a feeling of being calmer, more refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, and revitalized.


Natrol Kava Kava has the following product details:

  • Natrol Kava KavaNatrol Kava Kava contains the traditional root from the South Pacific called Kava Kava.
  • Kava Kava naturally promotes a calmer and more relaxed body and mind, proven to be effective by many people throughout the centuries.
  • This product can help ease and bring down stress and anxiety levels
  • Natrol Kava Kava is a guaranteed natural herbal extract
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Easy to swallow

Customer Reviews and Scores for Natrol Kava Kava

Natrol Kava Kava has many reviews on Amazon. Most of the Natrol Kava Kava reviews have been very positive. With over 86 reviews, it has an average rating of 3.9/5.  There are certainly higher rated stress supplements available,  but the overall sentiments for the Natrol Kava Kava capsules are pretty positive.

Most of the Amazon reviewers say that the product made them calmer and more relaxed. They also state in their reviews that after just a few minutes after taking the Natrol Kava Kava capsule, they were already feeling less anxious and less stressed which has helped them cope with their lives at home, school, or work, despite many stressful activities and problems.

One negative point that was raised in one review is that Natrol Kava Kava Econo made his urine darker than usual. This might happen if a person took more than the prescribed daily intake of Kava Kava capsules. The recommended daily intake is just 1-2 capsules daily, and the reviewer took 4 capsules. It was just one review though, and most of the other reviews who claimed that the product worked did not experience having darker urine, just feeling better and more relaxed.


If you are like one of the countless people in the world who have become too stressed and too tense to enjoy a happy and peaceful life, always remember that you can do something about it. Do not allow the problems and the stressful tasks in your daily life to take out all of your hope in having a calm and relaxed state of mind and body.

The reviews and testimonials of the people who have purchased and used Natrol Kava Kava have been raving about the product’s effect in making them calmer, more peaceful, relaxed, and at ease. Combine Natrol Kava Kava with eating health food, getting regular exercise, bonding with your love ones, and getting adequate amounts of sleep to reduce your daily stress and anxiety level so that you can live a life that is calm, relaxed, peaceful, and happy.